Coastal Process


The coastal zone is that piece of the land surface affected by marine procedures. It reaches out from the landward furthest reaches of tides, waves, and windblown seaside hills, and offshore to the time when waves associate altogether with the seabed. The waterfront zone is a dynamic piece of the Earth's surface where both marine and environmental procedures create rough drifts, and in addition shorelines and ridges, obstructions and tidal bays, and shape deltas. The climatic procedures incorporate temperature, precipitation, and winds, while the significant marine procedures are waves and tides, together with water temperature and saltiness. The drift likewise bolsters rich biological communities, including salt swamps, mangroves, sea grass, and coral reefs. The coastal biology is supported by the shallow waters, bottomless daylight, earthbound and marine supplements, tidal and wave flushing, and a scope of environment sorts.

  • Review of Fundamental Fluid Mechanics
  • Basic Equations for Wave Motion (Linear Wave Theory)
  • Wave Induced Physical Phenomena
  • Wave Transformation
  • Surf-zone Dynamics
  • Wind Waves
  • Wave Induced Currents

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